Hassle-free delivery of messages from constituents to public officials.

Pricing made easy.  PAY AS YOU GO.

No contract, no complicated system. You pay when you need to deliver messages and you only pay for the messages delivered. 

Citizen-Based Activism

Grassroots advocacy is the process of communicating with members of the general public and asking them to contact their local, state, or federal officials regarding a certain issue.

Federal Government, Agencies, and Legislators

President of the United States, Members of Congress (Senate, House of Representatives, committee chairs), Executive Branch department secretaries (Defense, Labor, etc.), federal regulatory agencies.

State Government & Agencies

Governor, state representatives, elected judges, regulatory agency heads, public utilities.

Local Government and Community Organizations

Mayors, city council members, sheriffs, police chiefs, school board members, principals, religious leaders.


Any individual serving in a public capacity.

State-of-the-Art Technology

State-of-the-Art Technology

Built with the latest server-less and cloud technologies that keep your project and data separate, ensuring quick and secure messages delivered via webforms, APIs, or e-mail.

On-Demand Cloud Technology and Cloud Pricing

Pay per message delivered, any number of messages, no minimum.

Data Enhancement

Automatically add missing components (prefix, telephone); Correct minor typos and inconsistencies; USPS Address standardization and validation.

Advanced Data Algorithms

Geocoding for accurate district matching (congressional districts, state legislative districts, and local city councils).

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